Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biology supports and leads the biotechnology academic ecosystem through its academic and new initiatives in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Big Data.


  • Mr. Chayant Gonsalves, accompanied by enthusiastic students, conducted a thorough faunal survey on the IBAB campus recently.

  • The construction of the 2nd floor of the academic block has been initiated. This floor, which will house classrooms, faculty offices, laboratories, is expected to be ready for occupancy within a year.

  • New faculty member, Dr. Shruthi Vembar, has received the Ramalingaswamy Re-entry Fellowship from DBT, Govt of India

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    The institute has recently initiated a ‘sports day’, spread out over about a week! Students, faculty, staff and so on will compete for prizes!

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    IBAB alumni company, and incubatee, DeNovo Biolabs has received the "Bioexcellence Emerging Company 2018" award.