The MSc programme in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics is a unique dual specialization degree programme that builds competence in both biotechnology and computational biology/ bioinformatics.

The MSc in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics programme is an interdisciplinary programme that positions you at the cutting edge of basic and technical science, in particular in the research field.

Degree Master of Science in Biotechnology | Duration 2 years

Students of this programme are provided extensive training in cell and molecular biology, computer science, mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics and so on. Right from the beginning, the faculty ensures that the students get an immersive high quality research experience. They also get several opportunities to meet and interact with high-profile scientists from across the globe. Events such as the annual Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Lecture series have enabled the visit of a Nobel laureate.


  1. Dual specialisation degree (Biotechnology and Bioinformatics) in one MSc course
  2. Biotechnology: genetic engineering, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, fermentation, and downstream processing
  3. Practical hands-on training in biotechnology (including PCR, micro-array, protein chemistry etc.) and bioinformatics (statistics, C, C++, PERL, JAVA, and R)
  4. Bioinformatics: omics, next gen sequencing, big data analysis, cheminformatics
  5. Excellent  faculty from industry and academia
  6. Research project as part of curriculum
  7. Exciting campus life