Synthetic Biology is a rapidly growing field of science that has the potential to transform several areas of high socio-economic relevance such as healthcare, agriculture, environment, novel materials, energy, clean water and manufacturing. The synthetic biology market is estimated to reach $38.7 billion, globally by 2020.

Therefore it is important for the state and the country to develop expertise and an ecosystem in this area to catalyze the growth of the synthetic-biology industry. With this in mind, the Govt. of Karnataka provided funding to IBAB to establish a Synthetic Biology Centre with the following broad objectives:

  1. The creation of tools and technologies that enable translational research in areas of high socio-economic impact such as food, fuel, health and environment.
  2. Translational research to develop products and technologies.
  3. The creation of a pool of manpower skilled in synthetic biology through education and training programmes

Some of the ongoing Synthetic Biology research projects

Developing a tuneable yeast gene expression system using synthetic promoters and gene editing technology
Metabolic engineering of yeast cells for biotechnological applications
Engineering human cells for therapeutic applications
Functional genomic approaches to combat vector-borne diseases